Saturday, December 4, 2010

Yarn and Button Wreath Tutorial

I didn't have a wreath for my front door so I decided to make one.  I can't remember where but I saw some really cute wreaths were yarn had been wrapped around the wreath and then some felt flowers had been added.  I liked the idea so I took some of my yarn and wrapped it around my wreath twice. 

I then made a stack of buttons and threaded them with floral wire.  
I used the buttons I had but I wish I had bought some bigger ones. 

This is just showing the back of the button and how I twisted it for security.

I decided where I wanted the button to be on the front and then wrapped the wire around the back of the wreath and twisted it several times.

Then I used the wire cutters to trim it up.

After I had all my buttons on I put it on the door but decided it needed something else.

Like a huge bow!  Obviously you can leave the bow off if you want.  I just happen to like really big bows!

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