Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Wreath Christmas Card Holder Tutorial.

In years past I have hung my Christmas cards from the blinds in my kitchen and have strung a ribbon on the wall to hang them from.  This year I decided to take two great ideas that I have seen out their in blogland and create my own card holder.  You may have seen the many tutorials for making a yarn wreath (I wrote a tutorial on a yarn and button wreath HERE ) and you may have seen some tutorials for a card holder using clothes pins.  I just combined these two great ideas and this is what I got.

I didn't take any pictures while making the wreath so this will be a boring words-only tutorial. Sorry about that.

First I wrapped yarn around a styrofoam wreath. I went around twice making sure that the styrofoam wouldn't show through the yarn.

Then I took some Christmas paper, I used two coordinating pieces, and cut it to fit the the sides of my clothes pins. You could paint your clothes pins first if you wanted. I left mine natural. So you take your cut paper strips and glue them to your clothes pins. I used Mod Podge paper glue. It worked well for this project. I smoothed it out and then did two coats of Mod Podge on top, waiting 30 minutes between each coat.

After the clothes pins were dry I used wire (floral wire will work) and threaded it through the spring hole of the clothes pin.  Then I placed the pin on the wreath were I wanted it to be and pulled the wire around the back of the wreath and twisted it tight.  Cutting off the long pieces and pressing the twist down flat on the back.  

I did this 12 times for each clothes pin.  I left a loop of yarn at the top to hang it up and then waited to get some Christmas cards!  

Here is a closer shot of the wreath.  Merry Christmas, may your mail boxes be full of Christmas cards!

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  1. Clever and very creative! I love it!


  2. What a wonderful synthesis of ideas! I've made an embroidery hoop and clothespin one, but I like the look of a yarn wreath even more. It adds so much more personality to it!


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