Friday, June 4, 2010

Summer Boot Camp Week #1

I am glad that I worked out some last week or I think Wednesday would have been really bad.  She started us off working hard this week.  Well, we were off on Monday so I guess with only 2 days for the week she wanted us to get good workouts in. What I really like is that I don't have to wake up until 6:10am because I signed up for the 6:30am session!  Extra sleep is always good.  The only thing I'll miss is the quiet time that I had when I would come home and everyone would still be sleeping.  Oh well.

Wednesday we did different stations and I believe there were nine different ones.  Each station had 2 different exercises posted on a cone and we did the number one first and then the 2nd time around we did number 2.  Each exercise we did continuously for 90 seconds.  I had to pause occasionally to rest or get a drink.  But it was a great workout.  There were burpees, plank jacks, some leg lifts with medicine balls, arm stuff with dumbells and resistance cords, planks (front and side), step ups using hand weights, squats and lunges, and some ab stuff.  It was fun but I was soaked after.  Yuck!  I really don't like sweat.  I may have to get a sweatband or a wristband.

Today we did something that was kind of fun.  On the track that we use, 1 lap equal 1/3 of a mile.  She had us run 1/2 a lap then do 20 squats.  Then run the other half which brought us to the basketball court.  There we did walking lunges across half court and then went to our mats to do 20 push-ups.  Then we started all over again.  This is what we did for the first 15 minutes.  I was able to do it twice in that time.  Then we did some weight stuff while doing backward lunges and some ab exercise and a few more things.  It was a good work out.   

I will weigh on Sunday after being on Weight Watchers for 2 weeks although I have gone over my points so far for the week.  I need to exercise again tomorrow in order to bring myself back in the positive.  I had a Crispy Chicken Salad from Sonic yesterday and while it was much less points then the burger and fries option it was still too many points.  Sad thing is I had a large Dr Pepper with it too!  It was really good though.  I will be making a cake tonight for a shower tomorrow and I am going to have to restrain myself for eating any of the icing!

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