Monday, June 21, 2010

First Impressions

On Sunday, the hubby and I left Austin on an early flight to Atlanta, GA and then on to Roanoke, VA.  We had a pretty good flight, although the plane that we flew on from Atlanta to Roanoke was the smallest plane I had ever been on (two seats on each side).  I got a little dizzy and yucky feeling on that flight.  Thankfully it was only about an hour.  From Roanoke we drove to Blacksburg which was about a 45 minute drive but a really beautiful one.  The mountains are just gorgeous. 

So here I sit on a king-sized bed, in a quiet hotel room.  **sigh of contentment**  We've been able to see some of the town and have driven the Virginia Tech campus.  It' really very cute.  Very hilly and I have seen more rabbits and chipmunks than I have ever seen in my life.  The town is about half the size of the town I live in now.  The university seems to be the big draw to this area.  It's a nice campus.  We are staying at The Inn at Virginia Tech.  They have a spa and a nice restraunt.  I don't think I'll be getting to try out either of those services though.  They are a little pricey.

Our mission on this trip is to find a place to live.  We move here officially around the 23rd of July.  We are driving up here with the boys and a few other family members.  I am really not looking forward to that trip!  However, we should leave Texas on the 20th and get to Virginia by the 23rd at the latest.  I've got new games for the boys VSmile and Leapster and it's just possible we will have a DVD player.  I also got a dry erase board for them to write on and then there are always coloring books.  Hopefully we will be able to stop at roadside parks and let them get out and run.  I guess this will be a test of how well they do on car trips and help us decide how often we will be coming back to TX for a visit!

So today we only looked at two places and one I really liked and the other is not even an option.  **shiver**  It was really that bad!  We are scheduled to look at a lot more tomorrow.  I can totally imagine us living in the house I saw today though.  The monthly rent is less than what we were planning on and the area is nice.  The school Josh would be going to is nice (we visited there for a moment).  It's not too far from campus and the Kroger.  I could live there.  In the house, not Kroger.   

We had breakfast at Panera Bread this morning.  It was the first time for us to eat at one.  I enjoyed it but I got a little emotional when we went to find a table to sit at.  There was a table of men doing a bible study and I just got sad thinking of my biblereadthrough girls and my Sunday School class and how much I will miss Tuesday nights.  I am really praying that God will bring me to more good friends like you guys!  Troy is getting used to me breaking down anywhere and at any time.  He just made sure I was still going to eat my breakfast sandwhich and patted my hand.  I love the guy for putting up with me!

Anyway we walked around campus a little last night and then we wogged the same trail this morning.  I had to do something since I am missing boot camp this week.  Last night we saw some sweet baby ducks with their Momma.  Here is a couple of pictures to "Awwww!" at.

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