Thursday, February 4, 2010

Kristin Hannah House Party

I joined this really cool site at the end of last year, called House Party. It's a great marketing concept. Different companies or authors (anyone who has a product they are promoting or selling)use this site to find people who are willing to host a party in their home with the theme of the party being their product. For example there is a Digorno pizza party you can apply for right now. I think Ziploc is doing something also. You have to apply for each party and then they will let you know by email if you are accepted. You get a party pack for your party and depending on what product it is will decide what you get in your pack. There are certain things that you agree to do as a host/hostess...all the rules are on the site. Check it out! It's a great way to try out products with your friends for FREE!

So I was accepted as a hostess for the Kristin Hannah Celebrate Our Stories House Party! The party was the 30th of January and I had 12 people that came, including me. For those of you who don't know (I didn't before this party pack came)Kristin Hannah is an amazing author! In the party pack I received: 12 copies of Firefly Lane, 2 copies of True Colors, and 1 galley copy of Winter Garden. I was able to read Firefly Lane and Winter Garden and I enjoyed both books immensely. I gave out all the copies of the books, even my copies. I was also given bookmarks with a Barnes and Noble coupon for the new book Winter Garden.

I had such a great time visiting with my sisters and friends that evening. We had some great snacks and did a bookmark exchange. Some of us bought our bookmarks and some of us made them. They were great and it was fun to hear a story about each friend that I hadn't heard before. We all watched Kristin talk about Winter Garden in a little video blog that was available for the parties on the House Party website. It's great to hear inside the heart of the author of a book and understand why the story is so important.

Not everyone had been able to read their copy of Firefly Lane before the party so we didn't get to discuss the book. I am sure there will be some individual conversations about it as everyone gets a chance to finish it.

All in all, my house party was a great experience and I hope to get picked again! Thanks to all the ladies who came for making it such a fantastic evening!

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