Sunday, January 31, 2010

Joshua's Birthday Party

We celebrated Joshua's birthday this Saturday with some friends and family. He wanted a soccer birthday party. Basically we just had soccer decorations and a soccer ball cake. I made the cake and I used the soccer ball cake pan but one side did not come out right. So instead of an entire soccer ball being on the "field of grass" there was just a half. Oh well, I said it was an aerial view.

It was pretty cold outside so we had a bouncy house set up in the garage (it was still cold) and played bowling inside. We also played Pass the Present and then tried to bust open a pinata in the back yard. An adult finally had to help get it open! My mother-in-law took a couple of swings and knocked it to the ground! We had hotdogs that my husband and brothers-in-law stood outside in the cold to grill. Thanks guys! It was a fun day and I really enjoyed watching the kids have fun.

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