Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Letter B and Number 2

There are so many things that start with the letter B! We read books about Bears and Butterflies. We played with balls; tossing and catching. We sang "The B-I-B-L-E" and "Baby Bumblebee"
The day we sang "Baby Bumblebee" we also made our own bumblebees using the template at DLTK. We made ours using empty toilet paper rolls and then just printing out the template and coloring it. Then we cut out the body, wings, face, stinger, and antennae. We then glued them on the tubes and I strung them with string and hung them in our kitchen chandelier. The kids really liked that.

We also had bread and honey for a snack that day and listened to the sound of honeybees in a hive at National Geographic and looked at some of their pictures also.

One day we made bread. That was fun and I had never made bread before. I have made biscuits but not bread. So I just used the recipe on the outside of the package of the quick-rise yeast I bought. It was easy enough, except that I did not really know how many times to knead it or anything. Anyways, we made rolls with it and they were good. A little dense, not the light and fluffy kind. The boys had fun mixing and kneading the dough. I need to practice making bread and hopefully get better.

I also printed out the Letter B Trace sheet and the B mini book for each of them. We also practiced writing the number 2 .
We took a muffin pan and I had them put 2 beads in each muffin spot and then we counted by two's. They can not do this on their own yet but I thought it would be good to introduce the concept. I found the beads at Hobby Lobby last year and have done counting activities using them many times.

We looked through old magazines and cut out things that begin with B and things that we found two of. They were able to practice using the scissors. Then we used glue sticks to glue them on a big piece of paper.

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