Sunday, February 21, 2010

Art Work Frames

As parents we are so proud of every little drawing, painting or scribble that our children create. We don't always have the space to display everything they do (Especially when you have more than one child.) and there is only so much room on the outside of a fridge. I've seen a lot of great ideas for preserving kid's artwork and showcasing it. What I have decided to do at our house, is to showcase one particular thing that the kids make in their own artwork frame. I showed them in a previous post but thought I would share the idea in a separate posting so that I could explain how I made ours. We change out ours every month or two and could even do it more often then that if we wanted.

I bought the frames at Michaels and they are the type where you pop the glass out of the front and then change your picture. Super easy because you don't have to unbend or twist any of those pokey things that are on the backs of most frames. It came with a mat and I left it exactly the size it came because I knew I would need room for my letters around the top and bottom of the picture. To make the letters I just found some scrapbook paper that I liked and used my Coluzzle blade and letter template to cut out what I wanted to say. Then I used scrap booking stickies to "glue" them on to black paper and then cut down the paper to the size I wanted. Then stuck the paper to the mat. That's it! Pretty easy and now I just need to make one for Simon.

How do you display your cherished artwork?

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