Thursday, July 1, 2010

Summer Boot Camp Week #4

This week we had boot camp on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday.  Thursday replaced Friday because the instructor is leaving on vacation Friday and we have NO boot camp next week.  I am going to attempt to boot camp on my own though.  I was only able to make it Wednesday and Thursday of this week. 

Wednesday was intervals with 2 minutes of walking and then 1 minute of jogging/running.  We did that for 21 minutes and then we did Push-up planks.  This time we started with 12 push-ups and then 20 seconds of regular plank.  Then 11 push-ups and then 20 seconds of side plank.  Then 10 push-ups and then 20 seconds of the other side plank.  And on and on until you get to 1 push-up!  Then we did some crunches and some side crunches.  My abs are sore and so are my shoulders.

Today we did ALOT of stuff and I am not sure if I can remember it all.  We repeated it a lot so you would think I would remember from repitition.  Anyways, I know we started off with 10 of everything the first time, then did a 1/2 lap and then came back to do it all again but decreased in reps with 8 and then 6.  Then we ran out of time so we just did a few of the exercises for 5 reps.  This is as much as I remember.  Burpees, bicep curls with squats, side planks raises with arm extensions, squats with overhead press, a tricep exercise and a butterfly one, a couple of ab ones, and I am not sure what it's called but the one where you are on all-fours and you raise up opposite arm and leg and then pull in leg and rotate arm in.  So I am pretty much exhausted after all that. 

The great thing about this week has been the breeze that has been blowing in to cool us off!  It's so much easier to work out when you don't feel like passing out from the heat!

Weight Watchers is still going good.  I am down 4 lbs since I started.  Yay!  I really want to lose 4 more before our move, which is in 18 days.  I think it's possible.  I'm gonna try!

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