Friday, July 30, 2010

Member One Boot Camp Week #1

So this is the name of my new bootcamp.  I started it and I lead the exercises.  Guess what?  It's just me.  I'm the only member.  I am Member One.  I decided to hold off on joining a boot camp for awhile.  Give me a chance to save some money for other things, and really, I know how to do everything.  Nikki, the Early Bird Boot Camp Instructor, taught me well.  I am going to continue to blog about what I am doing each week and I am definitely continuing on with Weight Watchers.  I am almost at a 10 lb weight loss!  Just a pound and a half to go!  Too bad it's taken me 5 months to do it.  Oh well, they say the slower it comes off the more likely it is to stay off.  Who says that?  Not really sure.  My Mom said it to me once.  Maybe she was trying to make me feel better about it.  That's why I love my Mom.  Anyways here is what I did this week.

I'm continuing with workouts on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  I think it worked for me before so I see no need to change that up.  I will probably try to do it around 6:30am so that I can get it done and get back and shower before Troy goes to work and Josh goes to school.  This week I did it in the mornings but I didn't have to do it so early because my Mom is here!  Yay Mom! 

Monday I did pushup planks on our back deck.  I used my workout mat of course.  The pushup planks where you start at 10 pushups then do a plank for 20 seconds.  Then do 9 pushups and do a side plank for 20 seconds.  Then 8 pushups and the other side plank for 20 seconds.  Then 7 pushups and a plank.  And so on and so on.  Those are so tough but it really is a good workout.  Then I did some ab stuff.  I did 2 sets of 10 of each of these exercises: side slimmer, crunches and the ones where you put your feet straight up in the air and just lift your hips off the ground (can't remember the name).  The side slimmer is where you are sitting up and balancing on your hiney (technical term, that) and then twist from side to side.  You can hold a weight if you want.  I just held one of my 5lb weights.  That was it.  I was really sore Tuesday and Wednesday from all those pushups!

I wrote out a complete workout for myself on Tuesday and then Wednesday morning went down to the playground to do it at the basketball court there.  The walk to the playground takes maybe 5 minutes.  So I started with bicep curls and squats, hammer curls with lunges and tricep extensions (above head) and did each of them 10 times and then repeated.  Then I did the grapevine around the edge of the court for 1 minute.  I used the stopwatch on my phone to do all my timing.  Then I did upright rows with lunges, frontraise with palms up while doing squats and back extensions.  I did these exercises 10 times each and then repeated.  Then I ran up the long sides of the court and ran backward on the short sides for 1 minute.  For my last set of exercises I did donkey kicks, dog kicks and a bird dog hold.  I did the 1st two 10 times each and then did the hold 5 seconds on each side for 2 reps.  I then repeated those exercises.  Then I "jumproped" for 1 minute.  Then I did a front plank, and both side planks for 30 seconds each.  I was super proud of myself for getting up and going.  It was a little weird being alone  for it all.  I'm so used to having others there to sweat with me. 

Today, Friday, I went for a mile wog.  Wogging in my new neighborhood is challenging with all the hills.  I was huffing and puffing my way up those hills.  Then I got back to the house and used the steps on my deck to do stepups with an overhead press, stepups with T-Rays, and stepups with a front raise palms down.  I did 10 of each and then repeated.  I alternated legs stepping up also.  Then I did stepups with knee raises and no weights.  25 on each leg.  Then 10 lunges and 10 squats.  I feel pretty good about doing this on my own.  I have the tools and I think I have really started to enjoy exercising and the way it makes me feel.  I really want to lose weight and I think that I am finally at a place where my motivation is high enough to succeed. 

I haven't unpacked my tape measure yet.  Hopefully I will find it over the next week so that I can measure myself.  I'll let ya'll know next week. 

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