Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Summer Boot Camp Week #5

We are supposed to move on Tuesday of next week.  It has been stressful and of course most of my time has been taken up with it all.  I have not been able to write (blog) like I have been wanting to.  Anyway, I will be back once we get up to our new location.

This was the last week of boot camp for me.  It was a tough two days too.  We won't meet on Friday because of the instructor is going on vacation. 
Monday we broke into groups of 3 and went to 4 different stations.  Station 1 was at the Gazebo where we used the benches to do a tricep exercise and then used the wall to sit against and did T-raises and then bicep curls.  We did 15 reps of all of these and then started over again.  We did this for 7 minutes.  The 2nd station was on the track.  We went half way around did upright rows and then jogged the next half.  Then another arm exercise for a half lap and then jogged the other half lap.  This took up the 7 minutes.  The 3rd station was at our matts with a weighted ball.  There were 3 different ab exercises and we repeated them for the 7 minutes.  The last station was lunges while doing some arm exercises for 7 minutes.  It was exhausting and I was sore that evening and on Tuesday.

Wednesday was really tough though.  I couldn't even begin to tell you everything that we did but we did lot's of different exercises for all the different muscle groups and we did them multiple times.  I was absolutely dripping when I left but I still got a couple of hugs good bye. 

I hope that I will be able to find a good boot camp to attend in VA.  I have been told that there is a "Rambo" boot camp so I will have to find out more about it.  I know that this whole boot camp experience has been really good for me and that from it I have learned what exercising should feel like and how to do it properly. 

I am down 8 lbs from when I first started this journey in March.  I have not lost as much as I had hoped but I know I gained some muscle and lost some inches.  I will keep doing Weight Watchers and I plan on measuring myself after I get up to VA and figure out which box I packed my tape measure in.  I am sure that won't be the first thing that I will be looking for though.

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