Monday, July 6, 2009

Independence Day Parade at Parkway

Church on Sunday night was just a fun fellowship. We had hotdogs and snowcones for dinner! You can't beat that. Josh decorated his bike with a little help from Ms. Cilena and I. He also wanted a star "tattoo" on each cheek and one on his arm. We made Simon a hat with a feather stuck in it. We said it was his Yankee Doodle Dandy hat! He was so cute in it, but he figured out how to take it off. Ms. Cilena further decorated Simon by putting American Flag sweatbands on his ankles. The kids rode their bikes around the front yard of the church and I pushed Simon around a time or two. We had fun visiting with friends and letting the kids play.

Caleb was not there because he is spending some quality time with his Doc and Nana! He says he is having fun and he is getting to practice lots of swimming at Doc and Nana's community pool. God Bless Doc and Nana!

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