Monday, July 20, 2009

Deep Water Aerobics and A Big Storm

Tonight I went to try deep water aerobics with some friends at Aerofit. It was a great workout but I didn't like the way it made my toes and fingers feel all water logged. I know, waaa!waaa!waaa! It was a lot harder than I thought it would be but I really feel like I had a total body workout.
The water was 15 feet deep and so we would use a noodle to do most of the excersises or these water weights (bouys). The instructor had us kicking and punching all over that pool! Anywho, it was a great experience and we were able to finish up before it started raining. As we are putting all the stuff away it starts and so by the time I finish cleaning myself up a bit and Troy and I get the kids out of childcare, it is pouring down.
We hurry out to the car, but still got soaked. (Good thing my hair was already wet!) I have this great idea that we should just go through the drive thru at Freebirds and take home burritos for supper. So off we go to Freebirds and the rain is coming down harder. We get to Freebirds and Troy says that he will just run in because going through the drive thru would get too much water in the car. The wind has picked up quite a bit by this time and there are little pieces of hail coming down with the rain. So Troy bravely runs in and picks up a Freebird's trashcan that had fallen over on the way, good samaritan that he is, never mind that it was blown over again less than a minute later.
So the boys and I are sitting in the car and Josh informs me that he has to potty! Ohhh, the timing! It has started to rain more and hail more and so I tell Josh that he will have to hold it until we got home. I'm so mean, I know.
I call Troy at this point and tell him that if he hasn't already ordered to forget it and let's just go home to eat because Josh also has to go to the bathroom. But he was paying already and so he suggested we just all come in and eat. I said alright since it was looking pretty scary outside and I was already thinking it would not be too smart to get on the road anyway. So Troy comes out and we all make it inside Freebirds. We sit down to eat and then the wind REALLY picks up and the hail REALLY starts to fall (about dime sized pieces).
I really love storms...when I am at home where I feel all safe and cozy. I am thinking there is about to be a tornado though...I do NOT love those. So we all move away from the windows, us and everyone else in the restaurant, and watched as the hail pinged off our cars and the wind blew the shrubs over to touch the ground. We settled the kids down and had them start eating but I was too excited and anxious to eat. So I held Simon while Troy ate and tried to find out info about the storm from friends who had television or internet. We were told that the most serious part of the storm was close to our house...I was imagining the worst, since what we were seeing was pretty durn serious. Apparently there were several funnel clouds but no actual tornados touched down, Thank you Lord!
We waited until the rain slacked a little and then decided not to head home just yet since we were getting reports that it was still bad in that area. So we headed across the parking lot to Home Depot, but there was no close parking and parking further out was flooded. So we drove up the parking lot to higher ground, where Pet Smart is. We stayed in Pet Smart for a while and I am sure that the kids really enjoyed watching the gerbils and hamsters, however, I just wanted to go home. Finally we got a caller that said the storm was dying down and so we finally left to go home.
We saw some some areas without electricity on the way, but we got home and everything looked fine. There was nothing blown around in the backyard at all! We've had storms before where all the yard toys and furniture were blown about but it seems that our house did not get all the "fun" we had at Freebirds! What a night! I'm so tired but I think my adrenaline has been going and keeping me up. Storms are envigorating. I'm so thankful for all the rain and I am so thankful that we were kept safe at Freebirds!

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