Thursday, January 29, 2009

Lesson Plan for 3 and 4 year old: The 5 Senses

Starting this coming Monday, the boys will no longer be going to WEE school. They will be home with Troy or I 24/7. So I decided I needed to get organized and create a lesson plan of sorts. I came up with a plan for the first 2 weeks of February using a little of some old WEE school curiculum and some of my own ideas. The theme will be "The 5 Senses". So this is what I planned for us to do.

Monday (2nd) -- Take a Nature Walk and talk about all the things we see, hear, smell and feel. I doubt we will taste anything while we are out walking. Unless of course we see an icecream truck or something. One can always hope.

Tuesday (3rd) -- Make a "Things I See Outside" collage. I am just going to let them cut pictures out of magazines and let them glue them onto a big piece of construction paper.

Wednesday (4th) -- Play a "Match the Sounds" game. I have filled empty film canisters with beans, rice, and pennies. Just 2 canisters of each. I numbered them 1-6 and made a chart telling me what each number has in it. (ex: 1-pennies, 2-beans, etc...) I will let them pick up one at a time and shake it and then try to find the matches.

Thursday (5th) -- Play with scented playdough. (Recipe for playdough in seperate post.)

Friday (6th) -- Read a story about senses with Mr and Mrs 5 Senses puppets. The puppets are paper plates with construction paper hands, eyes, ears, nose and mouth. The story is in WEE curriculum. Read a Devotion on Kindness from Fun Devotions For Boys Gotta Have God Ages 2-5 by Lynn Marie-Ittner Klammer.

Monday (9th) -- Play in the sandbox and talk about the feel of the sand when wet and dry. Sort objects such as buttons, bottle caps, and beads. Sort them by color, by object, by size, etc...

Tuesday (10th) -- Make chocolate pudding and then let them write in some on a tray. Then of course we will eat the rest.

Wednesday (11th) -- Have a "Tasting Party" where I will put out different kinds of food like banana, pickle, marshmallow, lemon, apple, etc... and blind fold them and let them try the food and see if they can guess which one it is and help them to describe it. (Sweet, Sour, Salty, etc...)
I will also put out my recipe books and let them look at those.

Thursday (12th) -- I will set out different bowls of liquids such as syrup, juice, vinegar, etc... and let them taste, smell and feel the different liquids.

Friday (13th) -- We will go on a picnic if the weather is nice and talk about our senses while we are there. How does your food taste? What do you see, smell, hear, feel? Also, read a devotional on Family from the same book mentioned before.

Well that is what I have planned for the first 2 weeks of February. We will probably also make Valentines at some point on Thursday or Friday. I brought some of their books that involved the topic of Senses downstairs for reading times. Books like Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do You See? and Polar Bear, Polar Bear What Do You Hear? I found a website that has printable coloring pages of the animals in Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do You See? and for Polar Bear, Polar Bear What Do You See?
Also, the first week is Letter A Week and the second week is Letter B Week. I am going to use some of the ideas given on the following website for incorporating these letters into our day.

The internet has so many resources and I am sure that I will be utilizing it frequently for their lessons. I am looking forward to teaching and spending time with Joshua and Caleb. More lesson plans to come for the rest of February!


  1. I LOVE this, Melissa! What a great idea! It inspires me to do more things like this with Reeves. :)


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