Friday, April 15, 2011

Featuring You Friday - Aubrey Plays

This weeks featured blog was brought to my attention when I won a prize at Tatertot's and Jello for a laptop bag made by Aubrey Plays.  I just got my finished bag in the mail yesterday and I am so pleased with it.  Aubrey and I emailed back and forth about material options and colors.  I also got to pick out the design, so I chose an owl.  He's super cute!  I even asked for a quirky quote to be put inside the bag and she followed through beautifully with that.  Aubrey makes all kinds of cute bags and totes.  You can check out her blog HERE and her Etsy store HERE.

 Here's my win! 

Whoo!  Whooooo!

That is my quirky quote.  To explain, my PeePaw said that he thought the words in Help Me Rhonda went "Since you've been away I've got owls poop'n in my bed" instead of "since she put me down I've been out doin' in my head".  Hahaha!  Now whenever I see an owl I think of that! 

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