Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Disappearing Easter Eggs

The day before Easter, three little boys sat out on their porch and dyed 12 eggs.  The eggs couldn't absorb the dye fast enough for these guys, as they wanted an instant result so that they could stick the next egg in.

There were green, pink, blue and purple colors to dye them.

And fun rabbit ear tongs for grabbing the eggs.

One of the boys became very upset when he was told he could not splash in the colored water!  

Finally the eggs were dyed and put into the fridge to await the next days hunt.

The morning came with Easter baskets filled with surprises.

The boys took their time looking at each and every thing and
each piece of candy was held up and requested to be eaten.  

 After dressing in their super cute tie shirts that their awesome Mom made for them, the boys headed out the back door for an egg hunt.  The awesome Mom had hidden all twelve of the eggs out in the yard for the boys to find.  She made sure that she remembered where she hid each one.

The boys ran around looking for the eggs and as they ran past two hiding spots, the Mom wondered why the boys didn't see the eggs.  She began to realize that none of the eggs were where she put them.  They were no where to be found. The boys were ahead of her and so she hollered (because she is from Texas), "Did you guys find any eggs yet?!" and there were replies of "NO!" from all.

Every single egg was gone!  There was not a trace of an egg.  No broken shell.  No fleshy egg part.  Nothing.  The awesome Mom looked at the awesome Dad and they questioned one another about where the eggs could have gone.  It seems that they had just disappeared!  

The conclusion was made that an animal, probably a dog, sniffed them all out and gobbled them up! The doggy wouldn't know that it had ruined the three little boys egg hunt.  It would have just thought, "Yummy eggs!  This is the best day ever!"  Not realizing that later, he/she would be paying for the massive egg consumption... which the awesome Mom secretly hoped would be paid out on the owner of the dog for letting the dog run loose. 

 On the way back to the house, one egg was found.  
Just lying in the grass.  One little blue egg with a damaged side
from what appear to be teeth marks. 

Thankfully the awesome Mom and Dad had plastic eggs and the
boy were able to hunt eggs after all. And everyone was happy

....except the dog.


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