Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Car Craft Tutorial - Scoop Ball

I know you shouldn't run with scissors, but are they allowed in the car for crafting purposes?  Probably not too safe.  However, I made sure to tuck them snuggly in my purse when I was done with them so they wouldn't become a projectile in the event of an accident.  Although my purse would probably be pretty deadly.
Anyway, this is not a post about car and passenger safety.  This is a post about crafting on the go.  I've been wanting to make this scoop ball game for awhile and have had the 1/2 gallon milk carton's taking up space on my counter for too long.  So I decided, that it could be done in the car on the way to Josh's baseball game.

15 minute drive.  15 minute craft.
Cost: less than $5.00

Scoop Ball Supplies

2- 1/2 gallon plastic milk cartons, rinsed and dried
1 roll of fun Duct tape
small ball

 Before you leave the house cut your milk cartons in half horizontally about 3 inches from the bottom of the handle.  Regular scissors cut this for me.  

Begin taping at the cut edge by folding the Duct tape over into the inside.  You may need to snip at the  inside corners in order for it to have a good fit.  My son Caleb picked out this flaming Duct tape.  There are so many fun designs and colors to choose from.

Then I just wrapped it around the carton and I did one strip around at a time.  So I would cut after I had gone around once and then start on the next strip.  

I used smaller strips for getting around the handle.  I had lots of wrinkles in my tape, it did not go on smoothly, but I tried.  However, I think it still looks pretty good.  

Repeat the process with your other carton and then find a ball that will fit inside without getting stuck.  This one worked okay but I think we are going to try to find one just a bit smaller.

To play scoop ball you need two players.  The object of the game is to toss the ball using your scoop and to catch the ball using your scoop (like Lacrosse?).  You can make up your own point system and rules.  We just like to toss it back and forth and then increase the distance for a challenge.  

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