Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Sick Leave

I've been sick.  Lucky for me I have an awesome husband who has been able to help when he is home from work.  I have been functioning in "survival" mode and now my pile of projects has grown and the house is less than clean.  I hate being sick for the very reason that it stresses me out to see everything all backed up.  So I'll be playing catch up for the next week and that may mean that you won't hear from me for a little while.  Of course, several of my projects are sewing projects, so you may see those on here. 

Clean laundry...waiting to be folded.

Dirty laundry...waiting to be cleaned.

Projects waiting for the kid's nap/bed times.

 The saddest thing is that I think my baby may be getting my cold.  Poor Simon.

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  1. Sorry to hear that you've been sick. Hope you are feeling better soon and I hope your babies don't catch it!


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