Sunday, August 16, 2009

Meeting a New Family Member

We (Troy, the boys and I) had the pleasure of meeting Ruthie Mei Karen Henderson today! Ruthie is the new daughter of Trent and Ginny (Brother and Sis In-Law)who they recently adopted from China. Their story is amazing and if you would like to read about it Ginny has documented it all at her blog
We spent some time with Ginny, Sam and Ruthie at a McDonalds here in town. They were traveling back home after a little trip and stopped to visit with us for a bit. Ruthie is such a sweetie and I wish we had been able to spend more time with her. She let me help her climb up and go down the little slide on the playground. She seemed to really enjoy it and wanted to do it over and over again. Hopefully we will get to visit more in September.
I'm so happy for Trent and Ginny; and I am amazed by the beauty of this little gift from God!

Ruthie and Simon meet

Giving Mama a kiss

Sweet Girl

Going Down the Slide (with Aunt Moe behind)

Sliding Is Fun!

Cousins (serious pose)

Cousins (funny face pose)


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